Arc Welding Robot FD-B6

We now have available a new OTC robot and welding power source in a fully upgraded turntable welding cell.

OTC is the number 1 selling robot welding system manufacturer globally. OTC Single source technology where all components – robot, controller, WPS (welding power source) & welding torch – are manufactured by OTC specifically for welding ensures best weld results.


  • New OTC B6 robot & WB-M400 WPS
  • Easy to program teach pendant with shortcut buttons specifically for welding
  • New safety control system
  • New PILZ access lock with internal escape release
  • 12 month warranty
  • Operator instructions manual
  • Ready for delivery
  • Plug and play; 1 x 32A & 1 x 20A outlets required with compressed air to start welding
  • Inspection and demo available at our facility
  • Cell dimensions; 5000mm x 2600mm
  • 2 x welding tables; 1400mm x 700mm

If you have any questions or would like to see a demonstration, contact us today.