Our Services

Partnering with industry leading global suppliers we design and provide robotic & vision systems to automate industrial processes.

With our experience in all types of automation we can provide a complete turn-key solution for any application.

The provision of an automated system typically evolves the following key phases:

  • FREE pre-purchase consultation
  • System concept, design & build
  • Installation & commissioning
  • Post installation support, training & servicing.

Free pre-purchase consultation

The pre-purchase consultation consists of an on-site inspection and meeting aimed at understanding the problem and the client’s goals and required outcomes.

The consultation and quotation involved in this initial discussion are without charge.

System concept, design & build

WIth the knowledge and understanding gained from our initial consultation we progress to design and build our recommended solution to meet your business objectives.

This stage will usually include additional consultations and some robotic simulations.

We partner with global leading industrial robot manufacturers to provide you with high quality and reliable automated solutions.

Installation & commissioning

We arrange the full installation service making it as smooth as possible for you.

We have licensed personnel who will install the system, and programmers who will arrange for the advanced robotic programming customised for your unique situation.

When we complete the installation and commissioning of the robotic solution you will have a complete working automated system, ready for use.

Post installation support, training & servicing

We pride ourselves on our on-going after sales service.

We offer post installation training for your staff to help familiarise them with the new equipment and understand how to successfully operate and maintain it.

We also have a local support service number to enable you to speak with someone directly about any post installation concerns.

We offer regular servicing to prevent breakdowns and premature wear. We also provide spare parts, consumables and breakdown repairs if problems do occur.

All new equipment installed has a 12 month warranty.

Some of the many tasks that are well handled by automated systems include:
Some of the many tasks that are well handled by automated systems include:

If you are wondering what robotic solutions might improve your business, contact us on 1300 172 272 and chat with one of our experienced consultants.