CASI Systems are designed to be Flexible, Scalable, and Modular to meet our customers’ unique order fulfillment requirements. From End to End, CASI designs hardware and software in-house—all while providing superior technical support.

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The CASi-IBOD (Intelligent Box Opening Device) is an inline, pass-through box opening solution with an automated box cutting for safe inventory extraction.

CASI-SmartBox, the ultimate solution for reducing dim weight shipping costs and achieving sustainability goals.

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    • CASi-IBOD
      • CASi-IBOD

      • Features Precision Dimensioning System Easy-to-use Interface Dynamic cut pattern selection New Decanting System Programmable cut depth Automatic blade wear monitor Two Variations CASi-IBOD Single is capable of cutting the top cases at rates up to 550 cartons per hour. IBOD Duo is capable of opening up to 950 cartons per hour. Main Cutting Configurations Box top Front pick window Tape…
    • CASi-SmartBox
      • CASi-SmartBox

      • Product Features Automatic Box Resizing Of Random Carton Footprints Shipping Savings Calculator No Customer It Support Required Low Complexity Productivity Calculators Branding Flexibility Intelligent ROI Calculator Sustainability Calculators