OTC Daihen - Cobot Welding

Introducing the new OTC Daihen FD-VC4 collaborative welding robot.

Already the world’s number 1 selling robot welding system manufacture, the OTC Daihen robot range now includes the first purpose built cobot designed and manufactured by the welding experts specifically for welding.

There are 2 significant design points of difference between the FD-VC4 welding cobot and other cobots on the market that are put into welding applications.

No.1: the FD-VC4 is the cobot built for welding, it can withstand harsh welding environments without the need for costly thermal covers as required by other brands when the cobot is purposed for welding.

No.2: the FD-VC4 was designed with 40+ years of industrial robot manufacturing experience. This design of the FD-VC4 has the robot axis 4,5 & 6 inline with axis 1, this is significant in the eliminating “cobot singularity”. Singularity occurs more frequently in cobots that have axis 5 & 6 offset. This is critical in welding, as singularity can cause the cobot to lock or travel at variable speeds during movement, to avoid this, some moves in the cobot work area may need to be avoided creating dead zones in the work area.

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Three most important questions when considering a robot welding system;

  1. What is the weld outcome?
  2. How difficult is it to program and operate?
  3. What is the return on investment?

With OTC Daihen robot welding systems, the answers are simple;

  1. Leaders in advanced welding technology building robots to directly connect to their welding machines, this provides instant weld feedback for the best outcomes.
  2. Single source technology, every part of the system is designed and built by OTC Daihen specifically to weld. Plug and play out of the box, no complicated communication to set up. The friendly teach pendant has all welding functions on the touch screen, any options added to the system; Photo Teach, Touch or Laser Sensing, Rotators or Sliders, also offer plug and play function with simple controls via the teach pendant.
  3. With an OTC Daihen system answering questions 1 and 2, ROI can be achieved in minimum time.

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      • The cooperating robot can work in the same space as a person without installing a safety fence. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to secure a large space for introduction like conventional industrial robots. By adopting the same controller as an industrial robot, a wide variety of peripheral devices and functions can be used. Various welding methods such as CO2/…