Product Features & Benefits

  • Weight – 25kg
  • Payload – 5kg
  • Reach – 800mm
  • Power Consumption – 180W Typical Application
  • Joint Range – ±360°
Product Code: MS-E05 Category: Brand:

The Elfin 6-axis collaborative robot can be used in automated integrated production lines, assembly, picking, welding, grinding, spraying and other applications, and has been exported to more than 100 countries and regions. It adopts a unique double-joint module design, where one motion module contains two joints to form a unique kinematic structure, which not only differs from most collaborative robots on the market, but also provides more flexibility when working.

Dual-Joint Module Design – The unique kinematic design enables the robot to have high flexibility. The highly integrated modular design minimizes the arm weight.

Optimized Singularity  – The unique arm design not only avoids the product homogeneity, but also reduces the singularity.

Highly Flexibility – The collaborative robot with 4/6-axis coaxial structure has almost reached the flexibility of 7-DOF robots

Modularity – All-in-one module of fully self-developed reducer, motor, encoder, drive and software.

Model E05
Weight 25kg
Payload 5kg
Reach 800mm
Power Consumption 180W Typical Application
Joint Range ±360°
Joint Speed J1-J4 180°/s
J5-J6 200°/s
Tool Speed 2m/s
Repeatability ±0.02mm
Degree Of Freedom 6
END I/O Port Digital Input:3,Digital Output:3,Analog Input:2
Control Box I/O Port Digital Input:16, Digital Output:16, Analog Input:2, Analog Output:2
I/O Source 24V 2A
Communication TCP/IP and MODBUS
Programming Graphical Programming, Remote Call Interface
IP Classification IP54
Collaborative Operation 10 Advanced Security Configuration Functions
Main Material Aluminum Alloy
Working Temperature 0-50℃
Power Input 200-240V AC 50-60Hz
Cable Cable To Connect The Control Box: 5m, Cable To Connect Teach Pendant: 5m

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