OTC Daihen FD-B6 Welding Robot

Engineered by Welding Experts for Exceptional Welding Results.

When it comes to welding, nothing beats a solution built by welding experts. Introducing the OTC FD-B6 Welding Robot, this ensures that you achieve the best weld outcomes for any application.

The OTC FD-B6 with its ‘thru-arm’ torch is designed to handle the most demanding welding applications with ease. Whether you’re working with thick or thin materials, mild steel, aluminium, stainless steel or mixed materials with simple welds or intricate weld patterns, this robot combined with an OTC welding machine delivers consistent, high-quality welds that meet your exacting standards.

Plug and play integration with OTC positioner and sensor options.

Product Code: MS-FD-B6 Category: Brand:
Model NB6
Payload 6kg
Number of Axis 6
Applications Welding
Reach 1445mm
Weight 145kg
Upper Arm Load 10kg
Position Repeatability 0.08mm
Mounting Options Floor/Wall/Ceiling
OTC DAIHEN SynchroFeed Welding

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