Below are some of the automation projects we have completed. If you have a custom requirement, I’m sure we can help.​

Fully Automatic 3D Vision Robot Depalletising System

Fully automatic robot depalletising system, designed and manufactured by M.A.P Services.

Full pallet conveyors feeding randomly sized and stacked boxes into the robot zone. AI controlled Lucid 3D vision system with machine learning identifies the next box to be picked and sends position data to the OTC Daihen V80 handling robot.

The robot picks the box and drops onto a sorting conveyor. Empty pallets then feed out to the automatic pallet stacker.

Fully Automatic Robot Box Unloading System

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Fully automatic robot box picking system, designed and manufactured by M.A.P Services.

Cartons are fed to the robot pick position by conveyor. A vision system is used to identify the next pick – parts present or layer sheet. The robot removes sheets as required and picks parts to drop onto the production conveyor.

When empty, the box is ejected from the cell by the robot.

M.A.P Services Robot Welding Cells

M.A.P Services can build any bespoke welding cell to suit your requirements; product dimensions, factory layout, workflow, required capacity etc. We can also supply our Modular Robot Welding Cell, that can easily be expanded or modified at any time to suit your changing requirements.

M.A.P Services can also upgrade your existing cell with a new advanced OTC Daihen robot welding system to help improve your reliability, weld outcomes, reduce/eliminate spatter and increase production levels.

High Speed Conveyor Picking System with SCARA Robot + Vision

Picking parts off a moving conveyor to drop into a filling machine using a Shibaura Machine THE400 SCARA with conveyor tracking and machine vision.

High speed moving picks are achieved by directly connecting the camera to the SCARA controller. No PLC or PC required for this system, reducing the costs, increasing efficiency and delivering a fast return on investment.

Multi Tasking Robot Machine Tending System

Multiple complex machine loading and unloading operations requiring precise timing and placement are achieved with the light weight, high speed Shibaura Machine TVL700 6 axis robot.

The compact size and versatility of this robot has allowed for multiple processes to be combined into 1, greatly reducing the space required and increasing the throughput.

Robot Machine Tending System + Vision System

M.A.P Services designed and manufactured parts dispensing and loading system.

Trays of parts are dispensed onto a conveyor to feed to the vision system. The vision system controls the conveyor to align parts for pickup by the cartesian arm. The part is then handed to the robot for placement into the trimming machine.

M.A.P Services Modular Robot Welding Cells

With the robot welding experts OTC Daihen and their ‘Single Source Technology’, M.A.P Services can build a welding robot cell for your immediate requirements with the ability to upgrade or modify at any time.

Single Source Technology means every component for your robotic welding system is designed and manufactured by OTC Daihen specifically for welding, allowing seamless integration of additional items at any time, including; Rotating Positioners, Laser Search, Touch Sensing, Arc Tracking and more.

OTC Daihen Advanced Robot Welding Systems

OTC Daihen are the welding experts building robots specifically for welding, this has made the OTC Daihen robot welding system the No1 selling system globally.

By partnering with OTC Daihen, we are able to deliver the easiest to operate, fastest to set up and most reliable welding robot systems. All items on an OTC Daihen system are designed and built by OTC Daihen, eliminating time consuming and costly integration. With other robot brands, you must propose your General Purpose robot to weld with additional interface and communication devices – this is not required with OTC Daihen, the welding power source is connected directly to the robot, guaranteeing direct weld feedback to enable instant weld control, resulting the best possible weld outcome.