Industrial Robot Range

By partnering with world leading industrial robot manufacturers we offer a full range of industrial robots that can be integrated to suit any application.

Shown below are some of the robotic ranges we use in our recommendations. Each range has a number of models. The most appropriate choice depends on the specific task at hand. Don’t be overwhelmed, our expert consultants will advise you on the most suitable robotic solution for your specific application.

Our two major world leading partners are:

Shibaura Machine Industrial Robots (SMIR)

Formerly Toshiba Machine Industrial Robots – Toshiba Machine Co. Ltd. changed its corporate name to Shibaura Machine Co. Ltd. on 1st April 2020.

SMIR specialises in the manufacture of small to medium size high speed 6 axis articulated robots that are suitable for many automation applications, including pick & place, machine tending, bin picking and many more. They also manufacture the largest range of SCARA robots with reaches ranging from 180mm up to an impressive 1200mm, combined with the fastest cycle times and highest lifting capacities there is no limit to the SCARA applications.


OTC is the world’s No.1 supplier of robot welding systems. OTC manufacture all the items required to build your robot welding system, including; welding, the welding power source, torch & consumables, weld sensing & weld tracking along with external axis & rotators.

Shibaura SCARA Robots

First developed in 1981 SCARA robots (Selective Compliant Articulated Robot Arm) were designed to mimic the action of a human arm for simple high-speed automation of assembly or loading and unloading tasks with precision. By combining vision systems with the SCARA robot, critical quality control operations or complicated sorting and/or picking applications become simple and reliable.

USES: simple high-speed automation of assembly or loading and unloading tasks with precision.

Shibaura 6 Axis Robots

All Shibaura Machine robots are easily integrated with a vision system to provide greater flexibility and more application opportunities.

Examples of robot camera applications; box unloading, bin picking, quality control, parts defect detection, machine tending, fruit sorting, bar code and QR code reading, line control, multiple product separation from single source, packing variable shaped product into box, box packing, palletising and many more.

USES: vast range of light to heavy duty machinery, including; injection moulding machines, die casting machines, extrusion machines, high precision processing and micro pattern imprinting machines, machine tools and electronic controls.

OTC Welding Systems

OTC is the manufacturer and supplier of the world’s most advanced robotic welding systems. They offer a truly single source technology as all OTC robots, controllers, welding power sources, wire delivery systems, torches, consumables, sliders, positioners and sensors are built by OTC. This single source technology allows the seamless integration of welders, sensors, positioners and sliders that can all be fully controlled through the robot teach pendant.


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OTC Handling Robots

OTC has a diverse range of material handling robots to suit any industrial process that will benefit from a versatile handling robot. Ranging in payload from 6kgs to 210kgs in the 6 axis robot type as well as the versatile 7 axis robot range with payloads from 6kg up to 20kg where operation in a limited space is critical. All the material handling robots are manufactured by OTC so they can be seamlessly integrated with any of the OTC range of positioners and sliders and fully controlled and programmed through the teach pendant. This allows for a greater range of applications where one handling robot can perform many tasks.


CASi (Cornerstone Automation Systems) manufactures the IBOD and SmartBox products in the USA. The CASi-IBOD offers a safety first approach to automated box cutting, box opening and emptying. It reduces or eliminates the need for staff to use dangerous knives/blades.

The CASi SmartBox reduces the size of boxes automatically to save space reducing storage and transport costs.

CASi also offers an extension range of automated solutions specific for the pharmaceutical and warehouse industries.


ORFER are a materials handling specialist providing global solutions. M.A.P Services are an ORFER partner representing all their products in Australia. ORFER is an established and well known brand throughout Northern Europe and Russia, and has expanded into Canada. ORFER has excellent robots for case packing, box erecting, filling and sealing.

The ORFER BoxCellPlus is a complete box forming and packing machine combined in one compact cell. It can handle products weighing up to 10kg and has excellent handling capabilities.

ORFER also specialises in automated solutions specific for dairy and bakery applications.

Vision Systems

We are experts in visual text processing, optical character recognition (OCR) and optical character verification (OCV).

We provide global expertise in product serialisation; read text and code, cross check and validate date, batch report and ensure data integrity.

We do vision product quality inspection integrated with various robot applications, including sorting, stacking, selecting, rejecting, bin picking, quantity check, colour and size identification plus many more.

We can combine a vision system with any robot from our range or add a new vision system to your current robot.