OTC Daihen FD-B100 High Payload Hollow Arm Robot

OTC FD-B100 robot features a high 100kg high payload with hollow wrist and shoulder for neat cable mounting.

Engineered to excel in spot welding, palletizing, depalletizing, machine tending, polishing, assembly and materials handling applications, this robot is your ultimate solution for a wide range of industrial tasks. From precise spot welds to efficient material handling, trust the FD-B100 to optimise your operations and elevate productivity with its power of versatility.

Product Code: MS-FD-B100 Category: Brand:
Model NB100
Payload 100kg
Number of Axis 6
Applications Spot Welding, Polishing, Palletising, Depalletising, Machine Tending, Assembly
Reach 2100mm
Weight 793kg
Upper Arm Load 50kg
Position Repeatability 0.06mm
Mounting Options Floor/Ceiling
OTC DAIHEN FD-B100 Polishing

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