OTC Daihen FD-VT8, 7 Axis Robot

The versatile solution for Welding, Machine Tending, and Material Handling.

Experience unmatched flexability with the OTC VT8 7 Axis Robot. From welding to machine tending and material handling, this 7 axis robot not only excels in multiple applications, but also is capable of operating in tight spaces. Achieve flawless welds, boost productivity, and streamline your operations within a compact footprint.

Plug and play with the range of OTC positioners and sensors to expand your production options.

Product Code: MS-FD-VT8 Category: Brand:
Model NVT8
Payload 8kg
Number of Axis 7
Applications Welding, Materials Handling, Machine Tending
Reach 1427mm
Weight 182kg
Upper Arm Load 10kg
Position Repeatability 0.05mm
Mounting Options Floor
OTC DAIHEN 7 Axis Robot Machine Tending

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