Product Features

  • Heavy duty arm
  • Rigid arm structure
  • Highest payload in its class
  • Up to 20kg payload
  • Arm lengths from 180 to 1200mm
  • Ideal for end of line packaging and assembly work
Product Code: MS-TH550A Category: Brand:

TH550A SCARA Robot

The TH550A is a high-speed SCARA robot with an arm length of 550mm and maximum payload capacity of 5kg.

It supports options such as cleanroom design, IP65, and ceiling-mount type.

Model TH550A
Input Signal for Hand 8 inputs, 8 outputs [5 inputs, 4 outputs]
Total Weight Approx. 28kg
Robot Controller Cable Standard: 5m (optional: maximum 25 m)
Controller TS3000
Shibaura Machine SCARA Robots

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