Product Features

  • Maximum payload 20kg
  • Improved accuracy and precision
  • High speed operation
  • Maximum cycle time of 0.41 seconds
  • Total robot mass 46kg
  • Redesigned mechanism
  • Compatible with TS5000 controller
  • Second largest in range: THE400, THE600, THE800 and THE1000
  • Developed by Shibaura Machine — formerly Toshiba Machine robots
Product Code: MS-THE800 Category: Brand:

THE800 SCARA robot

The THE800 model is designed for assembly and inspection processes where precision is crucial, but payload is an important consideration. A general purpose robot suitable for a range of applications, the THE800 boasts an accurate movement trajectory and high speed operation. This model is the second largest robot in this range, following the THE1000. These new, larger models are suitable for payloads of up to 20kg with an allowable interia of 0.6 kg per m2.

Model THE800
Robot Controller Cable 3.5 m
Power Supply 4.3 kVA
Mass 46 kg
Controller TS5000
Shibaura Machine SCARA Robots

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