Product Features

  • Highly durable models
  • Long continuous operation at maximum speed
  • Outstanding performance in high-precision processes
  • No fatigue even from 24-hour, high-cycle operation
  • Lightweight arm and the achievement of low inertia
  • Fast cycle time of 0.3-second level, and 120 cycles per minute in 24-hour continuous operation
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THP700 SCARA Robot

Shibaura Machine has developed the high-speed SCARA robot, the THP700, which has been designed specially for high-speed handling applications in the food processing and pharmaceutical packaging fields.

The THP700 has an arm length of 700mm and a maximum payload of 10kg. The main features include a lighter body weight and low inertia of the second arm. The first arm is made from solid aluminium for higher rigidity, but the robot achieves extremely fast cycle times of 0.345 per seconds (2kg). The durability of the body structure has remarkable resistance under frequent acceleration and deceleration.

The THP700 is equipped with a controller, the TS3000E, which has built-in ethernet/USB ports as standard. This controller has the capability to share a vision system on multiple robots, so it makes conveyor and vision synchronization effortless and affordable. It also provides easy maintenance for programming data input/output.

Additionally, the built-in PLC function allows easy connection with HMI, touch screens and control of I/O equipment, regardless of the robot operation and program. Options such as IP65 and cleanroom specifications are available for this model.

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Model THP700
Input Signal for Hand 8 inputs, 8 outputs
Total Weight Approx. 57kg
Robot controller cable Standard: 5m (optional: maximum 25 m)
Controller TS3100
Shibaura Machine SCARA Robots

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