2-Axes Double Support Positioner

  • 2PF Series
  • High-speed motion increases production efficiency! An increase in the maximum rotation speed of the tilting axix by 2.5 times and in rotation axis by 2 times was achieved in comparison with the conventional machine 300 kg payload type.
Product Code: MS-2PF1000 Category: Brand:
Model Name A2PF1001-ENN
Max. Payload Capacity 1000kg
Rotating Speed 2.9 rad/s {166°/s}
Tilting Speed 1.4 rad/s {82°/s}
Rotating Torque 882 N·m
Tilting Torque 3704 N·m
Position Repeatability ± 0.08mm (Position at R250mm)
Stop Position Random
Mass (Weight) 470kg

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