All-1PC500 / 1PC1000

ALL-1PC Series

  • High-speed motion increases production efficiency!
  • Faster – Increasing productivity due to faster speed, 120 degrees per second (1PC500)
  • Accurate – Adopting Non-Backrush mechanism for high accuracy
  • Durable – Simple drive system can reduce the risk of failure
  • Easy Installation – Designed for compact, lightweight and easy installation
Product Code: MS-ALL1PC500-1000 Category: Brand:
Name Positioner Headstock
1PC500 1PC1000
Max. Allowable load 500kg 1000kg
Max. Eccentricity of
Center of gravity
(loading capacity = 500kg)
(loading capacity = 1000kg)
Max. Height of
Center of gravity
300mm    *3
(loading capacity = 500kg)
600mm    *3
(loading capacity = 1000kg)
Rotation speed 20 min¯¹
2.1 rad/sec
12 min¯¹
1.3 rad/sec
Rotation range ±370° *1
Allowable moment 490 N·m 1078N·m
Allowable moment of Inertia 12.7kg·m² 37.4kg·m²   *2
Drive System AC servo motor 1.2 kW
Rotation axis repeatable ±0.1mm (position at R300)
Position feedback Absolute encoder
Mass (weight) 110kg
(with rotary joint : 114kg)
(with rotary joint : 197kg)
Allowable welding current 500A : Rated duty cycle 60%
Installation type Floor installation
Grounding method Exclusive grounding equivalent to Class D or higher grounding
Color White
Ambient temperature / humidity 0~45, 20~80% (no condensation)

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